Stephen’s Services

Stephen can help you with the following:

1) Intuitive Reading: Get insight about a question or issue with an intuitive reading with Stephen. What will be with a certain person, a specific situation, or other pressing issues? When will (fill in the blank) happen for you?

2) Love Life Analysis and Makeover: Transform your love life with the help of Stephen’s matchmaking experience and intuitive insight.

Scott’s Services

Scott can help you with the following:

1) Finally find out if and how you are unknowingly blocking love from entering your life with Scott’s Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology Assessment of Key Relationship Issues.

2) Get answers to your love life concerns with an Overview Phone Session with Scott.

3) Find out about some of the key challenges and rewards between you and that other person with Scott’s Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, and Numerology General Compatibility Reading.

4) Find out about your love life prospects, organized in an easy to read timeline format with Scott’s Love Life Timeline.

VIP Services

Our VIP, one-of-a-kind packages go way beyond what any matchmaker, dating service or dating coach can offer.

Our VIP packages consist of our products and services including…

  • In-depth analyses to discover potential love life and other blocks or conflicts that are keeping you from experiencing a better love life
  • Mind conditioning MP3s to increase and enhance your strengths and minimize your challenges to make you more marketable and ready for a well-suited match, or to increase harmony within your current relationship
  • Unique and penetrating assessments revealing the best windows of opportunity to meet a new compatible partner or transform and enhance your current relationship
  • Personalized love life advice and tips based on our many years of experience
  • In-depth screening of potential matches to determine who is ideal for you, and who is not
  • More, customized to your unique goals and needs


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