Dating Habits and Customs Vary Greatly Throughout World

medium_4548348192It stands to reason that dating customs can be very different from one culture to the next. Unfortunately, dating sites have learned the hard way that what works in one country will not necessarily work in the next. More information here:

Each culture seems to have their own unique idiosyncrasies; arranged marriages aren’t popular at all in the U.S., but are in India, and most Westerners think it’s acceptable to date a stranger they’ve met socializing (many Chinese women disagree).

Though customs vary throughout the world, romantic love is the same everywhere, as is the challenge to find acceptable compatibility.

Send the Compatibility Questionnaire and Profile Review/Challenge™ to your dates before you spend time chatting or e-mailing. If they refuse to send you their results, you may have eliminated a time-waster!:

The 77 Biggest On-line Dating Mistakes:

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