About Us

About Us

Stephen Petullo and Scott Petullo offer unconventional love life advice, including practical spiritual guidance to help you avoid dating disasters and the 75% of people that are time wasters. Download their FREE More Good Dates e-book! 
Included: The 77 Biggest On-line Dating Mistakes and much more!

Stephen Petullo
As the owner of a high-end, in-person matchmaking service in the 1990s, Stephen had a special file of members he called GCs, or Great Catches. They were by far the easiest to match and always in demand. Why? Because they already naturally followed most of his love life recommendations, many of which are now in his More Good Dates e-book.

Stephen is also the author of a book about soul mates, and a metaphysical and intuitive consultant.

Along with his work, he enjoys analyzing the relationship and love life dynamics of people in the news, writing, reading, exercise, and of course, good dates.

Scott Petullo

Aside from delineating and predicting love life particulars of everyone he meets and people in the news, he enjoys advising clients, blogging, writing articles, reading, and traveling.

Through personality assessment, and forecasting and cyclical timing analysis, Scott helps his clients gain precious insight about character, compatibility, and the approximations of specific future events (e.g., when you’ll fall in love) and circumstances through forecasting and prediction using a complex system of multiple checks and balances based on handwriting analysis, and comprehensive astrology and numerology. Over 500 key, time-tested indicators exist in his systems of analysis to give you assessments with excellent accuracy rates, helping you to reduce your level of risk related to wasted opportunities and time, security, and finances.

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