Did you know that only about 16% of people on dating sites/apps find a long-term partner?
And that at least 75% of the people on dating sites/apps are “time wasters?”

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Included in the More Good Dates FREE e-book:

  • The 77 biggest On-line Dating Mistakes
  • 17 Reasons why only 16% of singles looking for love on dating sites find a compatible, long-term relationship and how you can improve your odds.
  • How to best screen out the “time wasters” on dating sites, those who are not really ready for a real relationship, aren’t really single, are only concerned about their needs, hide behind old pictures, or have no clue about what makes a compatible relationship work.
  • How to avoid falling into the trap of wasting time searching for a fantasy partner or relationship, as promoted by most on-line dating services, and what you’re better off doing instead.
  • What you must do before communicating with a potential match to save valuable time.
  • What you should NEVER do before meeting face-to-face, yet most people do and then regret it!
  • What you should NEVER plan for the first date, or risk being very uncomfortable!


This e-book is not a guide about how or where to find your “soul mate.” Such advice is exceedingly common, yet unfortunately, as we explain in the e-book, much of it is flawed.

It’s also not a guide about how to find a partner in 90 days (or six months, etc.), which, as we describe, is a highly deceptive and disingenuous promotional practice.

Instead, aside from the many dating tips, it’s about how to improve your love life by changing your perception and becoming more aware of the unseen dynamics that influence it.

Ultimately, this e-book will help you to appreciate being single, have more good dates and eventually, one of them may lead to that which you truly desire.


Also included in the More Good Dates FREE e-book:

  • 22 Love Life Traps and 22 Principles to Banish Love Life Misery Forever
  • Mystics Dating Section: Take a look into the hidden, esoteric, spiritual dynamics of dating and relationships with Stephen’s and Scott’s insights derived from many years of related empirical research. This important wisdom will give you peace of mind, save you a lot of time, help you gain valuable perspective, and improve your chances of having the love life you desire.
  • What to do if you’re not meeting the types of people you want to date.
  • More than 100 fantastic dating tips.
  • Much more!.


5 of the 77 Biggest on-line Dating Mistakes included in the FREE More Good Dates e-book:

#5. Thou shalt not be overtly sexual. No one wants to be the target of unwelcome sexual innuendo or advances. Unless you’re on that sort of dating site, excessive cleavage, unsolicited penis pictures, or carnal platitudes may send the wrong message.

#6. Thou shalt not appear too interested in a one-sided business deal. They’re not going to jump at the chance to be your arm candy, or support you and your four kids unless it’s clear that there’s something in it for them too.

#10.Thou shalt not list in your profile your life regrets, failures, and other personal dramas. Your potential dates may be intrigued, but they’ll likely see you as a burden rather than a reward. Although writing about your past trials may be cathartic, a dating profile isn’t the place to do it, unless you’re trying to attract a therapist.

#11. Thou shalt not list content in your profile that is not original without giving credit to the source (as is all too common on Facebook and Twitter). Showcasing someone else’s quote as your words of wisdom will only make you look like a thief and an amateur.

#18. Thou shalt not post photos in which you’re not featured. While your photos of sunsets, nature scenes, and the historical landmarks from your vacation may be breathtaking, they’ll just annoy people who want to see what they’re supposed to see—you.



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